Brite Smile® Professional Teeth Whitening

BriteSmile is a professional, chair-side whitening system that offers patients a safe and effective way to brighten their smiles. The system has proven to whiten about 9 shades per hour. BriteSmile teeth whitening uses a ‘Procedural Gel’ as the bleaching provider. The gel has a 15% hydrogen peroxide base which serves as the bleaching compound. An accelerator, which is placed on prior to the gel application, ultimately enhances the whitening procedure. BriteSmile is safe; the whitening procedure will not ruin or harm the enamel protecting the tooth.

SmileBrite is pre-packaged and easy to use. The treatment takes about 60 minutes in total. Each session is broken down into two applications of the whitening material, and each application takes 20 minutes. The system requires the use of either gas plasma or a LED bleaching light which is be done at the dental office. Light is directed onto the correct position and simultaneously illuminates all the teeth that are to be bleached. Fortunately, the light used with the BriteSmile does not usually cause post-op sensitivity on the newly bleached teeth. Furthermore, BrightSmile’s patented LED technology has the ability to kill noxious bacteria on the tooth.

Results usually last 2-4 years, but some prefer to the do the BriteSmile more frequently. All in all, BriteSmile is unique technique in that it accomplishes white, bright smiles in just a fraction of the time.