Porcelain Dental Crowns

A Dental Crown is one of the most effective dental solutions for covering a tooth to restore its shape, size and strength, or to improve its appearance. Dental crowns can be placed in just one visit if your dentist uses a dental tool such as CEREC®. If not, crowns generally take two visits to complete. During the first visit, your dentist takes X-rays to examine the extent of decay or damage. If a root canal isn’t necessary prior to placing the crowns, your dentist will then:

  • File the chewing surface and sides of the tooth to prepare for the crown
  • Take an impression of the prepared tooth and surrounding teeth
  • Place a temporary crown to cover the prepared tooth while the permanent crown is being made

After about 2-3 weeks — the permanent crown should arrive from the lab and your dentist will place it during your second visit.

Depending on the severity of the situation, prior procedures may need to be performed before the crown is put in place.  In some cases, when the pulp of the tooth is infected or massive decay has taken over, your dentist will need to perform a root canal.

There should be no discomfort or sensitivity after the crown has been placed.  However, if a root canal was not performed and the nerve remains, you may experience some sensitivity to hot and/or cold.  If you experience pain when you bite down on the tooth, you should call your dentist.  This could mean that the crown was set improperly and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

It is possible that your crown may chip or fall completely out.  Should this happen, you should also contact your dentist to get it fixed as soon as possible.  If your crown falls out, you can temporarily replace the crown by using denture adhesive or a temporary crown cement.

Keep in mind that crowns don’t keep decay at bay. You still need to brush regularly , eat a well-balanced diet and see your dentist regularly. Avoiding certain habits such as opening packages with your mouth, grinding your teeth and chewing ice can also help prevent crowns from wearing out prematurely. Do all of these things and your new crowns should last between 5-15 years.