Preventative Dentistry

Getting regular preventative check-ups every six months can stop any impending dental issues in their tracks. Dental problems can be hereditary and appear despite regular brushing. They can also be an indicator of your overall health. Catching an issue early can save on costly dental procedures and keep your mouth in great shape.

Our preventative dental services include routine screening for dental issues like oral cancer, gum disease or teeth grinding. People who receive these screenings have better overall health and are less likely to need dentures in the future. We also offer traditional teeth cleaning and bi-annual check-ups in a relaxing boutique setting in Midtown Manhattan, NYC.

Read below to see our full range of preventative services offered at our New York City dentist office, or schedule an appointment today.


Dr. Mishaan and his staff would be happy to discuss preventative with you. Please feel free to call (212.730.4440) our office for a private consultation, or schedule an appointment with Dr. Mishaan.

Preventative  Services

  • oral cancer screenings nyc
    Oral Cancer Screenings

    Oral cancer screenings–check the mouth, head, and neck for early signs and symptoms include:
    Sores, lumps on the lip, mouth, or throat, white or red patches on the gums, and more.

  • specialist for tmj pain nyc
    Teeth Grinding

    Teeth grinding (bruxism) is clenching or grinding your teeth, often without being aware of it. Those with severe bruxism can fracture dental fillings or cause other types of tooth damage.

  • tooth sensitivity exam dentist nyc
    Tooth Sensitivity

    Tooth sensitivity is tooth discomfort after eating cold or hot foods or liquids or even breathing cold air. This problem often happens when gums recede and/or cementum is not present.

  • specialist for tmj pain nyc
    Specialist For TMJ Pain in NYC

    In most cases, TMJ pain and discomfort (where your lower jawbone meets your skull) can be alleviated with self-managed care or nonsurgical treatments.

  • brushing and flossing dental health
    How to Brush Your Teeth + How to Floss Properly

    Good oral health requires proper brushing and flossing habits. Here are instructions for best brushing and flossing techniques for optimal oral hygiene.

  • what to expect at your next dentist visit
    Dental Visit: What to Expect

    A typical checkup involves a careful inspection of your mouth, teeth and gums, looking for any signs of gum disease, loose or broken teeth, damaged fillings or tooth decay.